British Championships Series 2016

The British Championships Series was held at the fantastic Echo Arena for the second year running on 28 and 29 July. This huge venue hosted an exciting championships where Weston AGC finished on top.

The Championships started with the NAC level. Weston was strong and dominant at this level right from the start. In the youngest age category (10-11 years) George Weall showed off his potential for the future claiming two gold medals – one individually and one with his partner Olivia Damerell. In the same age category our trio of Erin Aggett, Keira Wilderspin and Laila Astill, won a silver medal for their beautiful routine.

In age group 1 (12-14 years) our boys continued to shine. George Richardson won gold whilst team mate Matthew Maynard took bronze. George teamed up with his partner Lucie Antoine in the mixed pair category, they claimed a bronze.

Moving up to age group 2 (15-17 years) our experienced gymnasts took two golds. Lara Hunt, Elleanor Atwell and Victoria Kemmish won the first gold with their well executed trio routine. Lara, Elleanor and Victoria joined Anna Cates and Sophie Tucker to take their second gold as a group. They performed a crowd pleasing routine showing lovely artistic qualities.

Last up in NAC were our seniors – Emily Antoine, Courtney Hewett and Amy Bond In her final competition Emily took the gold medal with a secure, well rounded performance. After a long successful career as a Weston gymnast this was a great way to finish. Team mate Courtney claimed the silver medal in the same category. Courtney paired up with Amy to then win gold with a fluent, clean routine.

Our youngest competitors were next to show off their skills at their first British Championships. We had three gymnasts competing in the foundation (9 years) age categories – Jasmine Dight, Charlie Baker and Jack Harvey. In only her second ever competition Jasmine won a silver medal against tough competition.

Not to be out done our boys also delivered an exciting competition. Charlie claimed gold and Jack silver. Our foundation second gold came when Jas and Charlie paired up. They gave an adorable performance to win.

Last up were our elite gymnasts at FIG level. As the competition is so tough the girls had to compete in a qualifying round first. Tianna Marshall, Xena Hewitt and Keira Landen sailed through to their finals.

Again Weston was strong in the national development age group. With a stunning routine Lola Lawrence won her second national event this year. Nancy Law also claimed her second silver medal with an even more improved performance. Toby Baker also scooped a gold with a dynamic routine. Paired up Toby and Lola got their second gold medal and British title. This pair are unbeaten this year both nationally and internationally.

Moving up to age group 1 Tianna showed her class taking the silver medal as the youngest individual in the field. Lewis Harvey won a gold, his performance and enjoyment was lovely to watch. Our group of Tianna, Molly Brown, Gemma Handley, Bella Styles and Ellie Hayes fought hard and produced a flawless routine to also claim gold and British title. The group also got the highest final score of this age category.

In age group 2 Keira Landen displayed her new routine. Keira was breathtaking with her performance which won her a silver medal. In the trio category Maddy Reynolds and Isi Vucicevic Had a new team mate – Ellie Hayes. This new combination proved successful as they took a silver medal. We missed Rhys Williams performing here due to an injury and look forward to having him back soon.

All in all Weston gymnasts looked powerful, professional and were a joy to watch and the British Championships Series event. Well done to our team of coaches for producing such amazing results

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