Gymnasts record superb results across the board (Club News)

Members of Weston Aerobic Gymnastics Club’s regional gymnastic squad recorded superb results at the Suki open competition.

Weston Aerobic Gymnastics Club took their regional gymnastic squad to the Suki open competition in Gosport, with superb results across the board.

First on were the under-9 gymnasts and Weston led the field in each category entered.

The individual was won by Millie Baker, with team-mate Lily Jean Smith in silver. The girls teamed up to win the pairs, with the club’s other pair Lola Rose Boxley and Molly Hobbs in silver.

The age nine gymnast individual was won with a flawless routine by Lyla Briffit. This was Lyla’s first outing as an individual and she enjoyed every moment of the spotlight.

The age 10-11 individual was won by Katie Ferris with a polished routine showing Katie’s talent, with first-time competitor Maddy Sherwood Dawson getting the bronze medal.

The individual male was won by Rhys Harvey, who also teamed up with newcomer Jo Hurst to get silver in the pairs category.

In the age 12-14 individual, Amy Jenkins completed new levels of skills to get the silver medal, while in the age above, Despina Georgiou performed an elegant routine to win the gold medal at her first competition.

Weston’s final routine of the day was the team of Bethany Riden, Naomi Doolan, Lily Duffy, Daisy Crompton and Georgia Piere, who showed great improvement in timing and execution to win the club another gold medal

Head of the regional squad, Jade Hayes said: “I’m so pleased that everyone has done so well. Thank you for all the great support from parents and a special thank you to the rest of the RAC coaching team.”

Club manager Debbie Saunders said: “This is the result of a strong development programme and high level and dedicated coaches.”

Weston Aerobic Gymnastics Club are about to start a 12-week course to learn competitive routines, if you have a child interested in joining this, or one of the popular recreational sessions, please email the club on

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