National Championship Round up 2017

Weston Aerobic Gymnastics took a team of 30 national and international level gymnasts to the British Championship series in Liverpool.

The gymnasts competed at the prestigious Echo Arena at an event which had a total of 1,500 gymnasts participating and 5,000 enthusiastic audience members.

The club had a record-breaking championship, bringing home 11 British champions and seven national champions, plus a whole host of medals and trophies.

In the national competition, Izzy Worral won the NAC cup for the highest score of the day. British Gymnasts 2017 gymnast of the year was Lola Lawrence, who has been unbeaten all year in all three categories entered at each event and has won numerous medals abroad representing Great Britain

Also needing a special mention are the international level age 12-14 gymnasts from the club who won every section available – individuals, pairs, trios and group.

The club was also invited to open British Gymnastics Gala and the gymnasts enjoyed performing alongside Claudia Fragapane.

At national level in the age 10-11 section – female individual: Katie Ferris (gold), Lyla Briffit (silver). Trio: Mae Li Pang, Beth Riden, Lily Duffy (gold). Male individual: Jack Harvey (gold).

Age 12-14 – male individual: Matt Maynard (silver). Age 15-17 – female individual: Lara Hunt (gold). Trio: Lara Hunt, Sophie Tucker, Elleanor Atwell (gold).

Senior – female individual: Izzy Worral (gold), Maddy Reynolds (silver), Courtney Hewett (bronze).

International level – age 10-11 – female individual: Jasmine Dight (gold), Seren Jones (bronze). Trio: Jasmine Dight, Seren Jones, Lyla Briffit (gold).

Age 12-14 – female individual: Lola Lawrence (gold), Nancy Law (silver). Male individual: Lewis Harvey (gold). Mixed pair: Willow Neal, Lewis Harvey (gold). Trio: Lola Lawrence, Molly Brown, Bella Styles (gold). Group: Lola Lawrence, Molly Brown, Bella Styles, Nancy Law, Seren Jones (gold).

Age 15-17 – male individual: Rhys Williams (gold). Mixed pair: Isi Vucicevic, Rhys Williams (gold). Trio: Isi Vucicevic, Lauren Porter, Xena Hewett (silver).

Lead coach Kat Saunders said: “The club has had a record breaking year and to win so many titles at this year’s British Championships is the icing on the cake. We have a large team of expert and dedicated coaches who have worked tirelessly to create a dynamic and technical training environment. But this cannot be done without hard working children and totally supportive parents.”

The full article from the local Mercury Here


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