-What is an FIG Gymnast?

The Fédération Internationale de Gymnastique is the governing body of competitive gymnastics. Its headquarters is in Lausanne, Switzerland. It was founded on July 23, 1881, in Liège, Belgium, making it the world’s oldest existing international sports organisation. FIG Gymnasts perform at a world standard level from age 7 to seniors. Gymnasts have to show and prove they can meet key skills before being asked to join the FIG

-Who is an FIG Gymnast at our club?

Most of the Squad 1 gymnasts are FIG level and will travel to other countries to perform every year, in 2020 we are look to attend 3 to 4 events outside the UK

-What does FIG do?

The federation sets the rules, known as the Code of Points, that regulate how gymnasts’ performances are evaluated. Seven gymnastics disciplines are governed by the FIG: artistic gymnastics, further classified as men’s artistic gymnastics (MAG) and women’s artistic gymnastics (WAG); rhythmic gymnastics (RG); aerobic gymnastics (AER); acrobatic gymnastics (ACRO); trampolining (TRA) and tumbling (TUM).

Additionally, the federation is responsible for determining gymnasts’ age eligibility to participate in the Olympics.

-Want more info?

Main FIG Site – https://www.gymnastics.sport/site/

Find your FIG membership – https://www.gymnastics.sport/site/athletes/bio_view.php

Upcoming Events around the world – EVENTS


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