Dec 2020 Cov-19 Update

IMPORTANT UPDATE Hi, We hope you are all well and the news of this stop gap isn’t too disheartening. As ever we are committed to still providing our classes and making sure your children get every opportunity they can during these few weeks. We have decided, as the government have proposed a short lockdown, that [...]

Reopening Our Club After Covid-19 (2020)

Final Clean We have just finished doing the last deep clean. Ready for you all to come back to gymnastics tomorrow! It’s been empty for far too long. It’s ready to have gymnasts and coaches fill it with passion, enthusiasm and energy again. Thank you to everyone involved with getting us back to what we [...]

Kats Big Surprise ! (BBC One Show Visit)

We were told to keep it secret and that was really hard but the whole team and all the families of the gym managed to. The gym was so happy to host the BBC One Show (One Big Thank you) for the Head Coach Kat a few weeks ago. The Film crew were here all [...]